Assassin Games

Assassin Games is an app that makes it super easy to create and track the players that are part of your Assassin Games. An Assassin Game is played out in real life, not on a video device. It is any real world game that includes pretend assassinations and toy weapons.

The Assassin Games app is an awesome tool for the Game Master. The Game Master creates the game and then invites players to join in. The app also allows the Game Master to see who has paid, who has not paid, who is still alive, who is dead, and can remove players. When the game is over it's easy to see what team gets the bounty and how much they get. No more head scratching or disagreements.

For the player, the Assassin Games app allows assassinations to be instantly logged. This means all the players can see in real time what players are still alive and which are dead. Each player can then plan out who they plan on assassinating next. This makes playing the game easier and more enjoyable. The Assassin Games app also makes it easy to send text to other players. Simply tap the players name then tap the Send Text button. No guessing who is playing or how to contact them.

Download it now and get the most out of playing assassins!

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